There are many ways shipping can be handled on Here are a few suggestions how to handle shipping and how they may affect the sale of your products. We have provided a live Canada post pricing portal on our site to obtain shipping costs when required. Right behind the actual product listing details this is a very important section and should be reviewed before doing business on

      1. Provide a Flat Rate Shipping fee for across Canada. Although this in not completely fair to the buyer or seller is presents the total cost of the product including shipping. This method may be the simplest but of course it depends on the product and the specific requirements of the Vendor.

      1. Provide the weight and physical size of the product packaged up and ready to ship for Actual Cost Shipping. This method will be the most accurate as the live Canada Post calculator can be used to determine actual shipping costs. If it is a large item and cannot be handled by Canada Post quotes may have to be obtained from the carrier of choice. Also, in such cases coordination may be required to ensure the item can be loaded correctly with the carrier of choice and protected from the elements as necessary. This method is considered fair for both parties involved in the transaction.

      1. Free Shipping is another alternative and may come with restrictions which must be clearly stated in the add if there are any. Free shipping once again makes the total cost of purchasing the product clear and concise for buyers. There may be restrictions for free shipping which may include distance, degree of difficulty to get the product there etc. that come into play, if such conditions exist they must be made clear. It may be the easiest solution but may limit sales if the cost of the shipping is included in the price of the product. Buyers may just think your product is priced higher when it is not. Good buyers will ensure they have read the adds terms and conditions before purchasing.

      1. Local Pickup Only. This method means the buyer is responsible to pick the product up in its current location or arrange to have the product picked up. The buyer may be responsible for loading as well as the shipping costs as stipulated. If the Vendor has all equipment and will load the product on the buyer’s truck when it arrives please stipulate the terms and conditions. The product is disconnected and ready for shipment. If there is no equipment to load the product on site, please ensure you clarify and such conditions. Also provide any other site conditions that may affect local pickup of the product. Ensure you clearly state a time frame after payment completion that the product must be removed from site. Buyers should always strive to remove their products well before the deadline. If the buyer is late the Vendor may relist the product. If they chose to do that please ensure the buyer is notified via message center and that they respond. If specific site conditions for Safety, Insurance or other items are of concern they should be noted in the requirements.